This debilitating injury to the ligaments inside a dog’s knees is a common one. Thankfully, our trained veterinary team is highly experienced when it comes to cranial cruciate surgery. Contact Aceso Vet Clinic today..

Is your dog limping or refusing to walk altogether?

Anyone who has ever torn a ligament will be able to attest to just how painful it can be! Unfortunately, the tearing of the ligament in the knee is easily done when it comes to dogs. You’ll of course have noticed that they are in pain and reluctant to walk. We ask that you do not ignore this issue – not merely because of the pain and discomfort it causes to your pet, but due to the fact it can eventually lead to osteoarthritis and damage to the surrounding cartilage.

Thankfully, cranial cruciate surgery provides lasting treatment with a very high success rate. Contact the practice to book your pet in for an assessment.

Concerned? Book your dog in for an appointment

  • Our experienced team specialises in canine knee injuries and their treatment
  • We recommend performing the surgery as quickly as possible. This is to reduce the risk of permanent, irreversible joint damage, as well alleviating the animal’s suffering
  • Warning signs include limping, difficulty walking or refusal to walk, and visible discomfort
  • We use the very best diagnostic tools and treatment methods

To discuss cranial cruciate surgery with our veterinary team, get in touch with us today.

In an emergency after 7pm please contact my night vet at 028 9623 7030