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Specialists in animal arthroscopy

Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive, keyhole diagnostic procedure and treatment. Commonly used in humans and horses, it can now be used in cats and dogs, something we are happy to say we are able to provide at Aceso Vet Clinic.

Arthroscopy allows us to investigate and treat joint diseases that were previously only possible with surgical intervention. As a result, the process is quicker and reduces the downtime associated with surgery.

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A powerful, minimally invasive diagnostic procedure

Arthrotomy can result in significant trauma to the joint of an animal. However, inspecting the joints can be notoriously difficult due to the tight and oftentimes inaccessible spaces of some joints. Arthroscopy, which involves inserting a very small, rigid camera (scope) with a very bright light emitting from the end, makes inspection significantly less challenging, as well as more effective.

Images can be enlarged for closer examination, and importantly, only one stitch is required to close up the incision, meaning a drastically lower level of surgical trauma.

When it comes to dogs, arthroscopy is most commonly required in the shoulder, elbow, stifle (knee) and hip. This ‘gold standard’ of diagnostic procedures for the shoulder and elbow can also be used to diagnose soft tissue injuries such as biceps tenosynovitis, elbow incongruence, and OCD, among many others.

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